WOW!!! Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s ‘nesting’ era! Hot couple ‘enjoying downtime at her $25m Beverly Hills mansion and planning private vacation’ before her album drops

Taylor Swift and boyfriend, Travis Kelce, are currently ‘nesting’ as they enjoy a pause in their careers at her $25 million Beverly Hills mansion. 

The Blank Space songstress, 34 – who has no commitments and plans to ‘play house’ with the NFL player, also 34 – is set to kick off the European trek of her sold-out Eras Tour two months later in May.

She recently concluded her tour stops in Australia and Singapore, with the Kansas City Chiefs star also attending to cheer on the Grammy winner.

A source told Us Weekly in an article published on Thursday that the lovebirds are ‘nesting’ and ‘focused on rest and recuperation and relaxing at home and having low-key and chill time together.’

‘They are enjoying movie nights in her home theater, catching up on films and shows they’ve missed.’

‘They can finally rest and intend on spending quality time together and with friends and family,’ the insider continued, adding that Swift likes to throw ‘small, intimate gatherings’ for those close to her.

The couple – who went public with their budding romance last fall – have been trying to arrange their schedules so ‘they can see each other as much as possible. They don’t want to spend too much time apart.’

The source also revealed that, ‘Toward the end of the month they’re still talking about going on a private vacation where no one can find them before her new album drops.’

Swift’s forthcoming album titled, The Tortured Poets Department – which she initially announced at the 66th Grammy Awards in February – is slated to become available next month on April 19.

Earlier this week, a separate source also gave an inside look to at the pair’s plans as they fully embrace two months of downtime together.

‘This is the first time the two of them have had no commitments and they are both really looking forward to being a normal couple and playing house.’

‘She is looking forward to sleeping in and cooking dinners at home,’ the insider added.

‘They both want their relationship to be as normal as possible and it works because they are both very aware of their fame but neither let it go to their heads.’

In addition to her Beverly Hills mansion, Taylor also has a residence in NYC, while Kelce owns a home in Kansas City, Missouri.

“They will divide their time between his house and NYC. Taylor is on a break from the Eras tour until May, but she’s not completely idle,” referring to the star’s preparations for her upcoming album release. “She is focused on promoting everything Tortured Poets in April, and Travis will be by her side every step of the way.”

Despite no formal commitments during their brief hiatus, Swift and Kelce have been keeping active on the West Coast. On Wednesday, the NFL tight end was seen attending a Justin Timberlake concert, although his girlfriend was not present. Other celebrities spotted included Chrissy Teigen, and Timberlake notably brought out his NSYNC bandmates on stage.

Over the weekend, the couple attended Madonna’s Oscars after-party in the Hollywood Hills, as reported by British Vogue. The event boasted an A-list guest list, including Salma Hayek, Lily Gladstone, Jennifer Lawrence, and Chris Rock.

Despite attending the star-studded bash, both Taylor and Travis notably skipped the 96th Annual Academy Awards.

Kelce was also spotted at another after party on Sunday, hosted by Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z. In a photo, he flashed a cheerful smile while holding an Oscar next to winner Cord Jefferson and media personality Tommy Alter.

Throughout February, Taylor resumed her Eras Tour dates in Tokyo and Australia. Kelce supported her during the Australian leg and even tagged along for her concerts in Singapore, which concluded on March 9th.

Reflecting on their trip on his New Heights podcast with brother Jason Kelce, Travis expressed excitement about visiting a greenhouse in Singapore, despite the intense heat. He praised the unique experience of seeing the world’s largest greenhouse and enjoying the lush greenery despite the scorching weather.

When asked to choose between Sydney and Singapore, Travis found it difficult to decide, appreciating both destinations for their distinct attractions.

While Taylor and Travis are currently enjoying their relationship, sources revealed to Us Weekly earlier this month that they have no immediate plans for marriage. They are supportive of each other’s busy schedules and maintain strong communication through FaceTime and text when apart.

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