Travis Kelce’s trainer showcases NFL star’s grueling workout routine: Uphill sprints, resistance training and more


There’s no off-season for Travis Kelce.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end’s trainer, Laurence Justin Ng, shared a video of the NFL star’s grueling workout routine on Instagram Wednesday — showing the hunky athlete working through a series of agility exercises.

Most of Kelce’s workouts were focused on improving the 34-year-old’s speed and mobility, starting with warming up his hip flexors.

He then moved to a nearby wall for some speed mechanics, including explosive knee drives into uphill sprints.

Travis kelce
Travis Kelce’s trainer gave fans an inside look into his explosive exercise routine.Getty Images

Travis Kelce working out.
The NFL star’s off-season training regime is largely focused on speed and mobility.Instagram/@larrylegend85

Travis Kelce working out.
Kelce laid off the weights for the cardio-focused workout.Instagram/@larrylegend85
Although Kelce started on a treadmill, Ng later took the athlete into what appeared to be a parking garage for maximum incline.

The three-time Super Bowl champion, who wore a green T-shirt and blue athletic shorts, worked up a good sweat in the California heat.

The duo also did a few banded exercises — emphasizing speed, of course — before the exhausted NFL star finished up.


Travis Kelce working out.
He also incorporated variations of sprints.Instagram/@larrylegend85
,” Ng, who owns a private gym called Legendary Performance in Beverly Hills, captioned the clip.

While it’s unclear how long the two have worked together, the fitness trainer has posted several photos and videos of himself hanging out with Kelce over the years.

In fact, Ng even seemingly met the athlete’s girlfriend, Taylor Swift, at a Chiefs game back in December.

Ng posted a photo of himself standing behind the superstar in Kelce’s jam-packed suite, captioned, “Sundays with the KC fam.”

Travis Kelce working out.
After some work on the treadmill, he ran up a steep driveway.Instagram/@larrylegend85

Travis Kelce working out.
Kelce has worked with Ng for years.Instagram/@larrylegend85

Travis Kelce working out.
The athlete wore a green shirt and athletic shorts.Instagram/@larrylegend85
Now that Kelce and Swift are back in Beverly Hills for the time being, the trainer-and-athlete duo have seemingly picked up right where they left off.

Another one of Kelce’s trainers, Alex Skacel, previously told Men’s Health that the record-breaking tight end breaks his speed training down into three stages during the off-season: his “get off,” his “immediate acceleration” and his “stop and start.”

Along with that, Kelce also incorporates weight training into his daily exercise routine, specifically squats, lunges, and rows.

However, Skacel and Kelce typically use lighter weights to focus on stability and overall strength.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift
The three-time Super Bowl champion has been spending time in California alongside girlfriend Taylor Swift.Getty Images

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
Although Swift didn’t join her beau at the gym, the lovebirds have been somewhat inseparable since Kelce’s season ended.Getty Images
“We don’t want Travis’s body to rely only on the bigger muscles,” Skacel said. “All the things that make him great come off of that stable foundation that he’s built.”

To support his rigorous training, Kelce consumes roughly 4,000 calories each day, he told the Wall Street Journal in November.

Like Kelce, Swift also trains hard — especially when it comes to cardio.

Taylor Swift
Like Kelce, Swift also takes her training very seriously.Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Taylor Swift Eras Tour
The pop star did cardio for three hours straight while preparing for her Eras Tour.Getty Images for TAS Rights ManagementWhat do you think? Post a comment.

The “Cruel Summer” singer told Time in December 2023 that she started running on the treadmill every day for over three hours to prepare for her Eras Tour.

Swift said she would sing her entire 44-song Eras Tour setlist while running “fast for fast songs, and a jog or a fast walk for slow songs.”

After hours of cardio, she then jumped right into a specialized strength, conditioning and weights program.



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