Travis Kelce Gets Embarrassed Over ‘Disgusting’ ‘Leaky Pits’ During Podcast, an expensive lesson

Travis Kelce Gets Embarrassed Over ‘Disgusting’ ‘Leaky Pits’ During Podcast

Travis Kelce Gets Embarrassed Over 'Disgusting' 'Leaky Pits' During Podcast

Travis Kelce learned his lesson: no more wearing light colors while recording his podcast!

On Wednesday’s episode of New Heights — the pod he hosts alongside big brother Jason Kelce — Trav seemed to get a little sweaty under the recording lights.

After a half hour or so of chatter, the Kansas City Chiefs star noticed his Cleveland Heights alumni shirt was quickly covered in stains underneath his armpits. When he saw his situation, he seemed shocked as he said:

“Holy shnikies, look at these f**king dehydrated pits!”


Big bro Jason quickly interjected, claiming his little bro wasn’t “dehydrated” at all:

“I don’t think that’s dehydrated, that’s over-hydrated. The water’s just seeping out!”

The 34-year-old went on to say, though, it’s actually normal for him to sweat a lot when he’s dehydrated! He explained:

“No, no, that’s dehydrated. When I get dehydrated — that’s how I know I’m dehydrated … My pits just start leaking. Only my pits, only my pits.”

While it may be his usual, Trav realized it was pretty darn gross!

“Do I have another shirt I can put on? This is bad, what the f**k is this? … This is disgusting.”

The 36-year-old center player said it was Trav’s fault for wearing a gray tee — but the tight end’s solution didn’t seem to make the situation better!

Changing out of his thin, cotton tee, Trav took a short break and came back in a hoodie! So much for being sweaty, but at least now it’s not as visible, we suppose?? Ha!

Ch-ch-check out the moment starting at about the 43:40 mark (below):

We hope Taylor Swift makes sure her man stays hydrated so she doesn’t have to deal with his gushing underarms! Reactions, Perezcious readers?

[Image via New Heights/YouTube]

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