“She Would Make Her Assistants Personally Fan Her”: Employees Share What It’s Like Working For Celebrities



#1: Lindsay Lohan

There are some celebrities in Hollywood that wouldn’t surprise us if they were high maintenance… Judging from their past track records and the things that have gone down, it is completely unsurprising for certain people to be on this list. But hey, it’s all water under the bridge, right?

Even though Lohan has recently made somewhat of a comeback, there is no denying that she used to be one wild child. Lindsay Lohan’s ex-assistant almost took the fall for crashing her car in 2012 when she claimed he was driving. “The police didn’t buy it, and when her assistant picked her up from the jail the next day… she kicked him out of the car.”

#2: Mariah Carey

When it comes to being as famous, dolled up, and influential as some celebrities, it only makes sense that they would come with some demands wherever they go. It isn’t just by coincidence that some of the most well-known celebrities also happen to look perfect, be perfect, and have everything organized for them…

Mariah Carey is a known diva, so it is no surprise that her former nanny, Simonette Da Costa, claimed she “was forced to work 24 hours a day with no time to sleep or eat.” A former assistant claimed they faced similar treatment, and both employees filed lawsuits that were settled out of court.

#3: Anna Wintour

There are some celebrities that, even though they might not be on the front covers of magazines or headlining the next big festival, doesn’t mean that they aren’t just as famous as other people. Sometimes, it is the celebrities that make the least noise that are the ones to look out for in general…

Given that author Lauren Weisberger based her hit book (turned movie) The Devil Wears Prada on her experience working for Anna Wintour, it should be no surprise that answering Vogue’s top boss is no easy task! While the writer has since insisted the book “wasn’t a one-to-one portrayal [of Wintour], she doesn’t deny her tenure working for the 65-year-old was grueling.

#4: Keri Hilson

Considering how intense the job is to be a personal assistant for a celebrity, it is surprising that people choose to do it in the first place. Sure, it might get you where you want to go in life, but is it worth all of the stress, pain, and nervousness of constantly feeling like you are never good enough for someone else?

According to a report, the “Pretty Girl Rock” songstress can be a bit of a diva regarding her demands! She allegedly attacked her assistant in 2011 after the singer/songwriter realized her assistant “Forgot to remove a tag from the black harem pants” she wore onstage during a Vegas performance.

#5: Anna Kendrick

There is nothing more shocking than when you discover that your favorite celebrity is nothing like what you thought they were… We get ideas of what certain celebrities might be like in real life as a result of the characters they play in movies, but this way of thinking just sets us up for failure.

And we hate to say it, but the Pitch Perfect star has been said to be the worst… Anna Kendrick’s stylist claimed that “She completely ignored her and chose not to respond to fan mail.”

#6: Naomi Campbell

For a long time, it seemed as though many people just put up with knowing that celebrities treat their staff badly. Either they were divas, were too stressed, or simply didn’t care, and all of those reasons were good enough for us because they were famous and could, therefore, treat people however they wanted.

Naomi has been accused of assaulting employees on 11 different occasions between 1998 and 2009. Most infamously, in 1998, she was accused of “Throwing a cell phone” (a crime she allegedly went on to repeat) and assaulting an assistant named Georgina Galanis in “a fit of anger.”

#7: The Kardashians

When it comes to working for a famous family, the idea that you are working for someone goes out the window. Suddenly, the need to follow the lives of more than one person becomes the most important thing in the world. And whilst their jobs are definitely important, it often takes the responsibility off of the people they work for.

The Kardashians don’t even take care of their furry friends themselves! “Every time anyone in the family gets a pet, the assistant has to take care of them,” the source claimed. “The job falls on the assistant to do all the dirty work.” The source added, “The family ditches their pets when they’re sick of them.”

#8: Lady Gaga

The idea that you can be an extreme diva, creative genius, and worldwide celebrity and be a “never hurt a fly” kind of person don’t really go together… Sure, there are probably people out there who can maintain such a way of life, but it isn’t for everyone. Sometimes, you’ve gotta be ruthless in getting what you want in this world…

Jennifer O’Neill, who worked for Gaga from 2009 to 2011, claims that Mother Monster is a monster. She sued the singer for nearly $400,000 that she said she was owed in overtime. In court, Jennifer testified that she was “required” to sleep and shower with Gaga. “I had no privacy, no chance to talk to any family or friends,” she said. “There was no chance to do anything.”

#9: The Royal Family

Suppose you’re ever considering working for a celebrity or a high-profile individual. In that case, it is safe to say that you will be expected to do many things that might deny you having somewhat of a personal life. Whilst it might seem intense and even unlawful to be asked to do certain things, people willingly sign up to do these tasks.

Working for the royal family means your private life is turned upside down. “Staff members are expected to be loyal and completely dedicated, which often requires giving up a certain amount of your own personal freedom.” Sounds like a pretty tough gig, if you ask us…

#10: Angelina Jolie

Some names in Hollywood have been around for a long time and will remain to be around for a while longer. And even though these people might look sweet, calm, and collected, no one makes it in that business for such a long time without treating some people poorly and manipulating situations to get what they want.

A former assistant of Angelina Jolie claims that Jolie suffers from alcoholism and locks her six kids in their bedrooms when she gets entirely too drunk. Rumors circulated that Jolie actually would make her assistants watch her movies, even the horribly crappy ones. This PA is actually “in the process of suing the management of Jolie and Pitt for 35 million dollars after she was fired from missing work due to an illness.”

#12: Jennifer Aniston

In life, there are certain things that every individual doesn’t like… Regardless of how much we might not like certain things, most of us don’t have a posse of people following is around, trying to make sure we are happy all of the time. But when you’re a celebrity, no matter your request, you shall receive…

No one likes being sweaty on hot days, but usually, nothing can be done about that… It has been said that Aniston isn’t a fan of sweat and downright refuses to be all dewy on hot days. During takes on the set of her movies, she would “make her assistants either personally fan her or hold ice cubes to her face to keep her body temperature cool.”

#13: Sarah Jessica Parker

When you’re a world-famous celebrity, there are certain things that you won’t be able to do alone. With such a hectic schedule and intense daily routine, asking for help when you need it isn’t such a crazy thing to do. But it is often what these celebrities ask of their staff that classifies them as ruthless or appropriate.

SJP has always been known to treat her staff well… She even pays them 6 figures a year. However, she has been known for her strange behavior. She doesn’t like having multiples of things inside her home, rather she prefers “that her staff check everything from food to shower products daily and fill up accordingly.”

#14: Madonna

Let’s be honest; no celebrity will make it big in the world without pushing the boundaries and working hard. It might not be pleasant, but to get far, people have to do certain things they might not be proud of. once you’re in the spotlight, there is a lot of pressure on you to look and behave in a certain way.

It’s known that Madonna is also an extreme perfectionist, which has to be rough on the many assistants that she tends to hire. She even had a “food intake” assistant who was said to monitor every single thing she ate. “I call her the food police,” she said. “Are you eating? Did you drink enough water?” I’m like, b***h, get off my pole!”

#15: Kylie Jenner

Most people would probably agree that it is better to ask and be told the same thing a million times over than not to ask questions and horribly screw up a situation. Especially when working for a world-famous celebrity, chances are that you will want to be extra cautious about not screwing things up.

It should come as no surprise that Kylie Jenner is extremely demanding… She hardly does anything. “She makes her employees test her samples on their arms because using her arm would be too much effort.”

#16: Ben Stiller

Being a celebrity, there are certain things that you are allowed to ask for, or even demand, that the average person wouldn’t even dream of. Whilst we can understand the need for something like this to a certain extent, we have no doubt that specific celebrities take advantage of having such power in their lives.

Who knew that actor Ben Stiller was so demanding? The assistant of Ben Stiller claimed that he required him to “wipe the condensation off his iced tea glass before Stiller would drink it.”

#17: Everything and Anything

When it comes to being a celebrity, the idea that you can have and do whatever you want is somewhat part of the job description. Regardless of the consequences and the potential ramifications of certain actions, it almost doesn’t even matter. Everyone around them is happy as long as they get what they want.

Can you imagine working day and night trying to get a $15,000 birthday party ready for an 8-year-old just to have it canceled the week before? This is the kind of behavior that celebrities get away with all of the time because they simply can. All of this person’s hard work just went down the drain without any recognition…

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